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We have been proud to serve the Kimble Co. and surrounding areas for over 30 years

Serving Kimble County & Surrounding Areas

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Foundation Pad

We do pad construction for new homes and buildings. Need a solid foundaition for new structure on your property? We will work with you or your contractor to do the very best job. We take pride in using the very best material and technique to ensure your investment is ready for new construction.

Ponds & Dams

Need to harvest water for your livestock or wildlife? Want to increase the value of your property? A pond or dam is the answer to both of those questions. We have been building earthen and concrete dams and ponds for many years and can advise you in the best way to collect water for whatever your needs may be.

Rock Crushing

We offer custom rock crushing and will work with you to help you however we can.

Land Clearing

Need help clearing the brush and cedar on your property? We can beautify your investment and keep fire hazards at bay. Call us!

Fire Lanes

Concerned about the wildfires in the hill country? We can build firelanes in order to protect your land.


We have dump truck and belly dump trailers, so whatever hauling needs you have we can help you out.


Need new roads on your property? Want to improve your investment? We take special pride in building roads to last. We know you will be more than satisfied for years to come. If you are looking for a high quality, all weather conditions road or just a good jeep road, we can help you out. We will build it to your needs.

Fence Lines

Building a new fence? We can clear and prepare the way!

Purchase Materials

We sell materials that we have stockpiled! These include:

  • crushed limestone base
  • topsoil
  • crushed red granite
  • gravel

High-Quality Texas Limestone

Our limestone is top quality and available in quantities big or small regardless of the size of your project. We have the equipment and expertise to provide you with the limestone you need.

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Pond & Dam Construction

A well-built pond or dam can keep your property hydrated in the driest months Texas has to offer. Our trained experts will work with you to identify the best possible location, depth, and layout of your water feature to maximize it’s rainwater harvesting.

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